Writings from the Journey....

I often have said that life is a journey...a journey of self-discovery, a journey of faith, a journey of experiences.

During 2020/2021, I made the best of the COVID pandemic by writing. So far, I've written two books, both of which are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats: Making Sense of It All, available here, and A Journey through Suffering, available here.

Through my blogs (listed in the header above), I have been writing essays that have grown out of my journeys in life...my journeys as a "Third-Culture Kid" (TCK), an educator, a missionary and minister, and a father and husband--and all of these have played a part in my formation and find their places in my writings as well.

Here are few pieces from my various blogs that have been favorites:

Life on the Edge: The Resurrection...Our Raison d'Etre
Wilderness Wonderings: Simple Joys
Education, Teaching and Learning: ...Dreaming and Believing
Practical Theology: Iglesia Sencilla anThe Gospel of John ~A Journey of Discovery.

(While most of my writings are in English, you'll find that some are in English and Spanish...and some are just in Spanish.)

My hope, my dream, my desire is that something I've written might be a help, an encouragement, or simply a diversion for you in this journey of life.