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Writings from the Journey....

I often have said that life is a journey...a journey of self-discovery, a journey of faith, a journey of experiences. During 2020/2021, I made the best of the COVID pandemic by writing. So far, I've written two books, both of which are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats:  Making Sense of It All, available  here , and A Journey through Suffering , available here . Through my blogs (listed in the header above), I have been writing essays that have grown out of my journeys in journeys as a "Third-Culture Kid" (TCK) , an educator, a missionary and minister, and a father and husband--and all of these have played a part in my formation and find their places in my writings as well. Here are few pieces from my various blogs that have been favorites: Life on the Edge: The Resurrection...Our Raison d'Etre Wilderness Wonderings: Simple Joys Education, Teaching and Learning:  ...Dreaming and Believing Practical Theology:   Iglesia Sencill

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